Tales of Gods & Love-Sandhya Raju’s Kuchipudi Recital



Kuchipudi exponent Sandhya Raju gave a commendable performance at the Shilpa Kala Vedika on Sunday morning. Hyderabad’s dance lovers had a great time appreciating her performance from beginning of the recital to its finale.

The packed auditorium had many special guests that included KT Rama Rao, Minister for municipal administration and urban development , Actor , producer Ram Charan Tej, family, friends as well as large number of dance and cultural art admirers who applauded the artist and her first Kuchipudi choreography presentation.

Sandhya Raju’s ” Tales of Gods and Love” was her first choreographed dance performance as well as a traditional Kuchipudi solo repertoire. Her timing was accurate, movements were precise and expressions were mesmerising.