Tales of Fall – Arjun Saluja

‘Between Time’ by Arjun Saluja searches for the duality of reality which has led him to a collection in which multiplicity is explored via motifs, print, darting and paneling, yet all this is unified in simplistic, clean, even monastic silhouettes. Arjun explores a cutting technique that pays homage to the linear and yet rebels from the defined. Wool, georgette, cotton, silks, jacquard silks and self plaids play the role of ‘shell’ fabrics that contain the ‘duality’ of contrast linings. The unexpected placement of zippers suggests the interdependence of the contradictions. Dilapidated leather detailing exposes the dereliction of the environment. The print motif takes a bow to the geometry of Pakistan’s Khais – a dying tradition of weaving from Sindh.

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Evoluzione, Chennai and Bengaluru.