Taking a giant leap: Shehan Minocher

These youngsters are extremely determined, raring to go and simply unstoppable. Here are some swashbuckling next-generation entrepreneurs on the Bengaluru block. Hailing from influential families in the city, they are poised to not just survive but thrive on their own. Be it taking the family legacy forward or carving their own niche, they are all set to soar the skies. Some with their start up spirits while the others juggling novel and innovative ideas into the existing ventures. Meet the all-powerful GenNext.

Text by Namita Gupta.

Shehan Minocher, Brand Ambassador – Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky

Family foundation: A thorough gentleman, son of Rishaad and Anna Minocher, Shehan gets candid of his relationship with his parents. “I have a great relationship with both my parents. They have always encouraged me to go out and find a passion, no matter what it was, and pursue it. I was never restricted and was always afforded the opportunity to choose my own future; whether that was choosing subjects in school or the university I wanted to attend. I have relied on them for advice and guidance through all the stages of my life and tend not to make any decision without consulting them first. Even while shopping for a jacket or a shirt, I’d send them a picture and ask them their thoughts!”

The written word: After completing his schooling from Mallya Aditi International School in Bengaluru, Shehan graduated with a BSc. (Honours) Brewing & Distilling from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Biz whiz: “Currently I manage the brand experiences for Paul John Indian Single Malts. I curate and conduct brand activations across all geographies where our brand is present; including consumer tastings, F&B, retail & duty-free trainings and ‘whisky dinners’. In the eight months that I have been with the company, I have conducted over 40 F&B trainings and 25 consumer tastings with 600 F&B staff and more than 350 consumers. I have conducted brand activities in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata,” he shares of his hectic work profile.

Taking the Legacy forward: Sharing his story on how he decided to do what he’s passionate about, he says, “Both my parents are working in the hospitality business and this led me to develop a passion for food and beverages an early age. At the age of 16 while travelling in the Champagne and Alsace regions in France with my family, I fell in love with the art and science involved in the making of a premium beverage. It was then that I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I then found this extremely niche course that really resonated with me. During my time in Scotland, I extensively studied the science of both brewing and distilling of all spirits, I fell in love with Single Malt Whisky. I then decided to pursue this passion of mine and have since dedicated myself to making a mark in this industry and share my passion for this noble spirit with the world. Both my parents are extremely successful in their field and seeing that, I wanted to create my own legacy: that meant me branching out into something new. I do not intend to join the family business, rather one day I’d love to involve my mom and dad in a new venture of mine. Right now, I am thoroughly enjoying the life of a Brand Ambassador and wish to continue my role as an evangelist for fine single malts through my 20’s. Down the road, I hope to start something of my own – something that will really leave a legacy. During the next few years, I see myself continuing as a Brand Ambassador, travelling the world, while educating people about Single Malts. I look forward to being a household name in this industry. I loved working under Richard Paterson (Master Blender, Whyte and Mackay). Post that I was afforded the opportunity to spend a month, split between, the Dalmore & Jura single malt distilleries and the Invergordon grain whisky distillery, where I followed the legendary and skilled craftsmen at these distilleries. I was also lucky to live in Edinburgh which is not only a melting pot of art and culture, but is the centre of what’s best in the alcoholic beverages industry. I’m fortunate to have done it all, from hosting whisky dinners at 5-star hotels, doing a guest shift at one of Delhi’s best cocktail bars – “Perch”, to judging cocktail competitions in Mumbai, and conducting tastings for some of the country’s most well-known connoisseurs.

Life outside workplace: Besides being truly passionate about whisky, Shehan is also passionate about Craft Gins, Craft Beers and Cigars. “I am also extremely passionate about classic cars and bikes, stemming from my dad’s passion for his classic bikes. I’m also very passionate about food – I love spending time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, although my mom prefers it if she’s the one doing the cooking! Sports are something I’ve always been inclined to, playing football, basketball and squash in the little free time I get.”