Taco festival at Mamagoto Bangalore

Foodies can enjoy some Mexican fare with an Asian twist. Mamagoto presents a series featuring soft shelled Asian tacos. Called Tah-Koh, the festival challenges the traditional perceptions of Oriental and Pan Asian cuisine and aims to take Asian food further, with creativity and unique pairings.

Ta Koh 18 (Copy)

“We’ve always believed that at Mamagoto, our consumers have constantly been an integral part of our journey over the span of 7 years,” said Rahul Khanna, Co-Director at Azure Hospitality. “With this new initiative, we aim to push the possibilities of how our consumers perceive and eat Asian food. Mamagoto’s series of new menus will stage a special spotlight on different tastes, textures and pairings that are not available elsewhere. We express it as Taste Discovery.”

Ta Koh Full plate 2 (Copy)