Sula’s Janus – a premium grape brandy launched in B’lore

Sula Vineyards announced the launch of Janus – India’s first 100% premium grape brandy through a tasting session in Bangalore. Janus is made from carefully selected grapes from the best Indian vineyards which are then double distilled in small batches using traditional French alembic pot stills, to produce a liquor of exceptional smoothness and character.


Founder – CEO of Sula Vineyards, Rajeev Samant said, “With this launch Sula takes its first step into the world of spirits with a superbly crafted high end offering. We are confident that Janus will win accolades and significantly raise the bar for brandy making in India. Janus is India‘s first handcrafted cognac – style brandy for connoisseurs – from the House of Sula”.