Sukumar tells The Same Story for Ram Charan’s movie!


Degree level mathematics, high IQ and laborious brain straining exercise define a Sukumar’s movie. Without shedding off his earlier lecturer profession shades, Sukumar always attempts to apply his academic knowledge into scripting. This was at peaks for his last film ‘Nannaku Prematho’ with Junior NTR. Thanks to some impressive promotions and release strategy, the film has done wonders at Box Office.

In fact, Sukku promised a clean, plain and neatly narrated movie in ‘Nannaku Pramtho’ during pre release publicity. However, the film was quite complex. To mention in specific, majority of B and C centre audience felt it as a bouncer. That could be the exact reason why ‘NPT’ revenues were weak in lower order theaters.

Now, Sukku is telling the same old stories for Ramcharan film. Yes, Charan and Sukku are to work very soon. There new project might take off in second half of 2016. Sukumar penning a pure love story devoid of any confusion is a popular statement making rounds in media circles. Let us wait and see, is Sukku out from NPT frame of mind or not?