Stylish and Sustainable Fashion

Sayesha Sachdev started her journey in fashion long before studying Fashion Communication and Promotion & specializing in Art Direction from CSM London, she first launched her experimental capsule collection SCHIER. Sayesha, who holds the helm at SY:SH-The Design House, comes with a remarkable resume of achievements. All of 21, she has worked with names like Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin Paris, Alexander McQueen, London Fashion Week and many more. Her label, SY:SH stays true to its ethos of stylish sustainability by targeting the niche & exclusive luxury market, each design is produced in limited numbers at their workshops in North & East India ensuring that quality is given utmost importance and is ethically made. The brand consciously uses undyed, chemical free, organic fabrics, handmade to perfection by select artisans from across India. Each garment is treated with respect, cut & stitched to perfection. She incorporates textiles like banana fiber, industrial waste, hemp & organic cotton to play with depth, texture and comfort. One can expect strong silhouettes, clean lines, and minimal designs that is seen in the look book of SY: SH. Using 100% cotton, industrial waste and banana fibre, her line CONSCIOUS features flared trousers, statement capes and asymmetrical tops. As Sayesha describes, “We are innovative, creative and comfortable. Made for all, made with love by our very own artisans in the North & East of India”. An avid reader and traveler, Sayesha has travelled across India experiencing various traditional art forms such as block printing & weaving. Constantly innovating she has introduced natural dyes such as indigo, tea, coffee, spices, vegetables and flowers thus making the dyeing process 100% natural. Here’s what the young Bengaluru designer has to share about her journey in the field of fashion.

1. Where did you study and how did you decide to get into fashion designing?
I studied at Central Saint Martins and decided to get into designing with a conscious mind. It was more so something I loved to do and a change that I’d like to see in the world. Sustainable fashion isn’t as easy as it seems, it keeps you interested and your research is never ending. It’s safe to say, possibilities are never ending when it comes to being creative.

2. What is your signature style like? What does your label resonate?
Alternative I would say, easy and comfortable but something that would make a statement. The idea is to resonate – confidence & comfort. Since we work with such experimental fabrics the innovation process is constant, cuts and styles are made for the woman of today, something that would radiate confidence from within. It’s more about how you feel and look when you wear an SYSH ensemble.

3. You are doing your bit for sustainable fashion. How is your label sustainable fashion friendly?
From the fabrics we use to the materials we procure and even down to the dyeing process, everything is 100% sustainable. Whether it’s experimenting with organic dyes like hibiscus or tumeric or sourcing fabrics like banana fiber, hemp etc.

4. What keeps your inspired and motivated at such a young age?
An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, I tend to keep myself as busy and occupied as I can, productivity is key to success in life and that’s my source of motivation. To constantly be innovating and creating.

5. What are your other passions and hobbies?
From reading Indian political history to indulging in some of the best food. Travel, discover, incorporate what I learn through my travels in my work – cultural diversity plays a huge role in conceptualising an idea. I want to be inclusive, in every sense of the word or at least aware.

6. Is there any piece of advise you would like to give other young designers who are looking at enterting the field of fashion?
I couldn’t stress more upon the importance of global perspective, gaining the right kind of exposure and learning as much as you can before you start on your own. Travel, learn, broaden your horizons and always push yourself. I think, perseverance is key to survival in such a competitive industry.