Street 101 Food Walk: Introduction to Roadside Thulp!

On Street 101 across Chennai for mouthwatering bites legends are made of! Gorge on delicacies you’ve only read and heard about.Get your tickets at Vintage Rates as we take you on a journey full of food and laughter to taste some of Chennai’s tastiest foods in less than 3 hours!We meet just outside Kakada Ramprasad shop, Where your Blaffer Buddy will welcome you.


Engage, socialize and enjoy the food commentary as we head to some of the tastiest joints (4 to 5 joints), in Chennai to taste a variety of street foods that define Chennai’s underbelly.
We will cover as much as possible in the time and drop you back to the Mint Street Square. much before the local Public transport services stop running. Alternatively, if feasible you can also get off on the way. Ticket rates:
₹400 per person