Stick to Yoga

Variety is the spice of life and therefore Akshar Power Yoga Koramangala likes to keep yogis engaged with new forms of yoga in their academy. Their yoga gurus are trained professionals (Shailaja, Rohan Lahore, Deepa, Sarita and Manasa) who are passionate about teaching yoga not just for weight loss but for holistic wellness, while keeping the practice interesting and offer something different every time. They already practice brick yoga and now they have launched yoga with sticks also known as “danda-yoga”. Yoga with sticks is recommended for people who are strong, flexible and athletic. Grandmaster Akshar was at the Akshar Power Yoga Koramangala academy to teach yoga enthusiasts the art of doing yoga with sticks and other forms for complete well-being, endurance, stamina, flexibility, focus, weight loss and balance. Actor Sanjjanaa Galrani of Akshar Power Yoga Koramangala academy and a fitness and yoga enthusiast was also present at the event.

was also present for the Stick Yoga session with Grandmaster Akshar and other yoga enthusiasts in Bengaluru.