Stay Haute for the Summer: Anu & Susan

Up your fashion game while you sizzle in these summer style essentials


When the mercury levels are rising, it’s time to play with some fun silhouettes and bright colours. Ace the summers with strappy, breezy, effortless cotton dresses and have your Marilyn Monroe moment. Revel in comfortable casual clothing while looking chic. RITZ Magazine speaks to fashion designers on what’s trending this summer and how you can make heads turn with psychedelic prints or solids on off-shouldered, zig-zag or slip dresses that make people go – “OMG, where’d you get that?” all the time. Here’s a lowdown on how can you look and feel perfect in the sun-basking days of summer ahead.

Designer duo Anu&Susan are known for their breathable, soft fabrics that are perfect for the summer. Susan Fernandes shares, “From the early 1990’s, for as long as Anu & Susan have been designing, comfort and elegance have always been our top priority. Earlier when Bengaluru was cooler, people would dress warmer in June, wearing a light weight jacket and trousers (imagine that!!!). We would design accordingly, and always work with pure fabric like Khadi and Linen. Even after the research and invention of man-made fabrics like modal and viscose, which tended to look like cotton, we still preferred absolutely pure fabrics directly from the weavers. Now, that our beautiful city has changed and our summer is now an unheard of 37 degrees, the idea of jeans and trousers could really make you sweat, so we have come up with a line of free-flowing dresses and tunics, made with handwoven cotton. You could feel unnaturally warm in these pure breathable beauties.”