Stand-Up Performance by Daniel Fernandes, Hyderabad



Carpe Diem is Nalsar’s annual college festival. The range of events extends from spoken-word poetry to quizzing in the literary sphere, from face-painting to the highly anticipated ‘battle of bands’ in the cultural sphere, and from Kabaddi to the fierce, adrenaline driven tug-of-war.

This year, Nalsar brings the renowned stand-up comedian Daniel Fernandes to Hyderabad. Daniel has amassed great popularity performing at open mic events in the circuits of Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, while amassing a huge following on social media networks including YouTube and Twitter.

Artist: Daniel Fernandes

Where: Nalsar Auditorium, NALSAR University of Law, NISA Hakimpet, Justice City, Shameerpet, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sat 12 Mar, 05:00 PM