Spray for healthy eating

Indian cuisine utilises excess amount of oil, no matter which part of India the dish originates from. While this diet was essential for people in earlier times, as their lifestyle included intense physical activities like farming, the lifestyle of Indians today does not warrant the same usage of oil in preparing the food. Addressing this issue that is leading to diabetes, hypertension and obesity, now you can cook your food with barely 1-2 ML of cooking oil with Ray Cooking Spray, from LB Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd. Ray Cooking Spray offers optimum amount of oil through a spray nozzle for cooking purposes. This helps in cutting down the excess oil in the diet, without sacrificing on the taste. Ray Cooking Spray is free of all preservatives and is pure refined oil and the nozzle design is completely leak proof and unmovable, securing the oil safely. The tin can is made from high-quality food grade aluminum can. This is the first time in India that clean Aerosol Technology is being used without any gases or propellants. Cooking sprays are commonly used worldwide and are helpful in restricting the amount of fats in the diet. Cooking sprays with their unique dispensing mechanisms enables to cut down on oil consumption by up to 10 times. Each can of RayCooking Spray (200 ml) equals to 2.4 Litres of regular cooking oil which means with the use of Ray Cooking Spray oil consumption in daily food is reduced by 10 times. This is because the dispensing mechanism breaks the thick and viscous oil into very fine particles and covers the entire cooking pan adequate for cooking food. Imagine when a thick and viscous drop of oil is broken into a very fine mist which covers the cooking Pan. This is all that is required for cooking. Ray Cooking Spray also makes it easier to grease the utensils for baking purposes. One spray of Ray Cooking Spray does the same job that a pat of butter or 1-2 tablespoons of oil would do. The spray is available in four variants- Rice Bran, Olive, Groundnut and Sunflower Oil and is available in all leading cities and across all leading e-commerce platforms.