Special menu by Zzungry

The Bangalore based food company, Zzungry has introduced two yummy offbeat dishes.

The two dishes Ulundu kozhukattai and Kova kozhukattai are priced at  100/- and 150/- will be available in the Zzungry menu from 26th August to 2ndSeptember 2016.
Savoury dish (Ulundu kozhukattai)

The Savoury dish (Ulundu kozhukattai) is a delectable savory rice flour dumpling stuffed with medium spicy mixture of urad dal, tempered with curry leaves and spices, steamed and served with chutney.

On the other hand, the sweet  dish (Kova kozhukattai) is a sweet rice flour dumpling stuffed with cardamom flavored mixture of khoya with dry fruits, simmered in rose flavored milk, that is served as a dessert.