So(i)litude, Art Collective As A Tribute to Soil!

Four Artists Join Hands To Present So(i)litude’, An Unique International Art Collective! 

“In today’s world, where all our natural resources are being exploited, the soil is one important resource that is also fast diminishing. We continue to ignore the consequences that are already approaching: droughts and floods, earthquakes and landslides,  pollution and other ecological disasters. We are alienated from nature, and this alienation from the soil binds us to a certain state of solitude: a so(i)litude” – that’s the idea behind this unique art collection.


The Exhibition is to be inaugurated by Murali Cheeroth at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery on July 7th at 5pm. It continues till July 12th. Participating artists are Shijo Jecob (India), Shinod Akkaraparambil(India), Eva Bubla (Hungary) and Lilli Tolp (Estonia).