Slurp, Sip, Repeat

Team Fat Pigeon, following their love for the hospitality industry, recently ventured into the segment of restaurants with the opening of ‘Chubby Cho’. The new eatery is playful, with an eclectic take on traditional Asian cuisine that uses ethnic ingredients, flavours, textures, aromas and presentations to curate an enjoyable Asian experience.

Chubby Cho was started with the idea of creating an Asian eatery that combines a sense of the bustling street dining experience with fun dining. Space is conceptualised as an authentic Asian restaurant, abutting extremely vibrant street colours. The menu here is exotic and full of character, yet simple and healthy. And features a fusion of flavours and aromas, traditionally found at the eternally crowded street-markets, hawker stalls, and noodle vendors, to take your palate on a journey through the amazing streets of Asia.

Chubby Cho stands out with its compelling combination of drinks, inspired by traditional Asian concocting techniques. Their exclusive oriental cocktails, which fuse traditional spirits with exotic flavours, are the perfect companion to their carefully-curated dishes.

Where: Below Fat Pigeon, Plot 1335/A, 3rd floor, Road 45, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

Call: 040 33165755.

Meal for two: Rs 1,600.