Sizzling on the Silver Screen: Sanchita Shetty

The bubbly and beautiful actor Sanchita Shetty, will soon be seen in movies like Party, Pallu Padama Parthuko, Johny and Devdas Brothers. Sanchita who has acted in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu movies, shares her journey with RITZ Magazine in a candid interview.


What proved to be the catalyst for you to zero in on acting as a career choice? What was the turning point?

When I started my career I was very young and didn’t know what is required to become an actor. Despite acting in many movies before, I wasn’t sure if this is what I wanted to do, but this one movie Soodhu Kavvum that made me a star was my turning point. The success of Soodhu Kavvum made me decide to take up acting seriously. While I was studying I was acting in Kannada movies and I wasn’t sure then what I wanted to do in life. My parents wanted me to complete my studies. I didn’t expect that movie would become a blockbuster, but I’m so happy it did. Later I wanted to try other languages and when I got a break I decided to go ahead with it.

Any challenges that came your way initially?

I had no backing when I started out. I didn’t come from a family of actors or directors. I was still in my 12th standard, and I got this movie offer. I wasn’t playing the lead role. The lead role for another movie came accidentally later. My father wasn’t supportive initially but my mother, brother and sister were always by my side. Soon when my father saw that I was successful, he was fine.

As an actor, you need to be conscious of your looks. What are your fitness and beauty secrets?

All of us should live a healthy lifestyle and not actors. I love working out. I also turned vegetarian in 2008 and since then I can feel the positive change in my mind and body. I also try to stick to organic food. When I was in school I was into a lot of sports like running, volleyball etc and I’ve always been a sporty person. Now I do yoga regularly and also go to the gym sometimes. I’m also a positive and happy person.

How do you prep up before getting into the character of your roles in your movies?

The preparation is very important as we have to fulfil the director’s imagination. For Soodhu Kavvum I didn’t have any references. Everyone soon started calling me Dream Girl after that movie, but when I was acting in that movie, I didn’t have any reference or role to look or follow by example. Otherwise for preparing for my roles, I speak to friends with a theatre background and who can share knowledge and I do my research before starting on a new film. I never stand in front of the mirror and rehearse lines. For me mental preparation works best and I feel it’s very important.

Has there been any particular instance during an event where you will have planned everything yet things start to fall off, but you eventually managed to get things back on track?

Recently I was shooting for Pallu Padama Parthuko, A Blue Ghost Production and I didn’t have a clue about the action scene and Attakathi Dinesh is the hero. I’m a zombie killer and it wasn’t mentioned in the script. I knew it was a zombie’s movie. I didn’t rehearse, I entered the sets and I was told about the action on the sets. I was told there was a song shoot, but there was an action scene also in the song. It was initially challenging, but we shot it in two days. When the director tells you to do something you have to go ahead with it. Eventually, it all turned out well and I gave my 100 per cent.

Any one celebrity you connected on a personal level and went on to become good friends with?

I met PV Sindhu, the badminton champion at an awards night a few years back. We gelled well and became good friends. We kept in touch and seeing her grow in her field after that and doing India proud makes me feel so happy and proud of my friend.

Since there has been a boom in social media over the past few years, are you keeping pace with it? How active are you on social media and how important do you think it is in your field?

I’m active season wise. Although I have an admin who handles my social media accounts, I also post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on my own I have an admin but I also post sometimes on my own. It’s important but social media isn’t the be all and end all for me. I feel whatever one’s true personality is, one should stick to it. I show only what I am. I use social media only as a platform to connect with my friends and fans.

Name one star and one director you would like to work with?

I’m a huge Rajini fan ever since I was a kid and want to work with Rajini Sir. He’s my true inspiration and it will be a dream come true if I get a role with him. I also want to work with Mani Ratnam and Shankar Sir.

Cafe Coffee Day or roadside tea shop?

I don’t take milk coffee or milk tea, so it’s always black coffee for me at Starbucks.

What’s your personal fashion statement like? Your favourite accessories. What do you like about

I have to be very comfortable in anything I wear. I hate body hugging clothes. I’m usually in a kurta – jeans or casual dresses. I love to wear sarees whenever I have to dress up. I’m not an accessories person, but I love watches.