Shocking : Engineers and MBA graduates Apply for Sweepers job

With the population in India growing at an alarming rate, the competition for mainstream jobs is becoming fierce with each passing day. The huge number of people battling for the ‘limited’ number of vacancies have resulted in qualified aspirants ending up jobless. And even if one manages to grab a position, people tend to settle for low salaries in order to secure the spot. However, if there is a state which is undergoing a severe job crisis, it has to be Tamil Nadu. Here is a shocking fact that clearly portray the situation in the South Indian state. In a shocking stats, around 4000 people have registered for 14 posts of sanitary workers at the state assembly secretariat in Chennai.

Surprisingly, maximum numbers of applicants are either Engineering graduates or MBA students besides graduates in Commerce and Arts. Out of the 14 posts, 10 are for sweepers and 4 for sanitary workers at the Assembly Secretariat with the salary for both fixed between the slab of Rs 15,700 to Rs 50,000. 3930 candidates have been selected for the one-on-one interview while 677 applications have been rejected. While a good number of applicants have no formal education, competing with them are those who have completed M.Tech, BE, M.Com and MBA apart from graduates in other disciplines.

Candidates who have registered with the Employment Exchange, have also been included in the list. According to analysts, this is indicative of the not only the job crisis in Tamil Nadu but also the lack of employment opportunities for the educated. This employment crisis comes to foreground months before the general elections with the Prime Minister making vows for creating jobs and expanding employment opportunity, such states might lead to the declass of the government.