Seven Things to Do in Your 20s




Learn to Cook

Eating out or buying packaged foods can have a negative effect on your health and wallet. From learning simple skills like tea or coffee to cooking up a meal, this helps in the long run when you are married.



Future after school?


Career Risks

Confused whether to stick to your mundane job or not? Unless you have pending bills and a family to take care of, take a plunge into a job that excites you.



During your 20s, read either a newspaper orĀ  a book which you find interesting and understand the world around you. It also gives you a better understanding of the people and keep your mind open to ideas.


Pamper Yourself

Exercise, wash your face and indulge in your food cravings once in a while. Taking care your mental health and physical health brings an overall sense of well-being.





Remember the birthdays and events of your loved ones and close friends. Even a small message or a greeting card goes a long way in maintaining relationships.



A Pet

Be it a hamster, cat , dog or goldfish — every pet makes you more loving and make you feel wonderful at home.


Hispanic woman looking at change in glass jar



Keep a check on your spending habits and save some money every month. Savings helps you during time of emergencies. Avoid using credit cards and spending money on materialistic things.