Sculpting to Perfection: Geetaa Paul



Physical appearances have taken an all-new high in today’s day and age. It can often make or mar a person’s life. Things happen differently for a beautiful woman than for a plain one and there are myriad instances to show that. No wonder then that everyone has realised the importance of looking beautiful. While your inner beauty will always radiate and shine through, outward appearance and beauty is of paramount importance too. It adds to your entire persona of who you are and there are many who will judge you on what you look like and will take you a long way, unless you live a secluded life in the middle of nowhere. It’s beyond the bounds of possibility sometimes to go a day without having someone else judge you by how you look. Infact, it not only helps you feel good, but also more confident about yourself.


The literal meaning of Sculpt is to create or represent something by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques and that is exactly what the trained and efficient staff at Sculpt does. Something that started as a woman entrepreneur’s dream, has now scaled to five state-of-the-art fully equipped beauty and slimming centres across Bengaluru.

Even as a young Bengaluru girl, Geetaa Paul was drawn towards glowing faces, healthy and smooth skin and long and lustrous hair. Having identified her interest in beauty, she immediately moved on towards gaining expertise in the field of beauty and fitness. She got trained at the College of Beauty and Cosmetology, Bangalore and went on to take an advanced hair training at Morris, Singapore and then took a few other courses in beauty to further hone her skills and expertise. After beginning her journey in Dubai, mecca of the beauty industry, in no other field than beauty itself, she went on to work with various prestigious brands in health, beauty and wellness.

It was this passion of hers that won her laurels wherever she worked. She continued with her good work bringing success and glory to the companies she worked for. All along there was this continuous thought to do something of her own and bring her vision of making Beauty and Wellness available to everyone a reality. With over three decades of experience and expertise at hand, her dream took shape in her own brand that she named Sculpt By Geetaa Paul.

Sculpt tagline “Everyone’s born beautiful. All you need is a little sculpt” is it’s very essence. Sculpt has pledged to make it’s clients look and feel beautiful inside out. This is accomplished with its planned, strategic and holistic approach. “I was always committed to good work and anything related to beauty has been a passion for me,” shares Geetaa who believes in making everyone feel special, the moment they enter the doors of Sculpt.


Sculpt boasts of many signature treatments. Some of the most popular ones include Ice sculpting, Advanced Skin and Hair care, Advanced hair reduction programmes, Aesthetic line of treatments, to name a few. They also specialise in regular skin and hair beauty treatments.


Fitness is the latest beauty trend and more and more people are taking it seriously. Sculpt is backed by a team of professionals comprising of medical counsellors, dieticians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, surgeons and qualified dermatologists, who make it extremely simple for everyone to achieve their goals with their experience, expertise and continued guidance. Geetaa’s daughter Chahat Paul, who is also the brand ambassador of Sculpt by Geetaa Paul, is a trained beauty expert herself and her makeup and beauty tutorials on YouTube are already making waves all across.


“At Sculpt, we treat every single person who steps in with personalised attention and care. Our programs are tailor made thereby bringing everyne desired results and ultimate joy and happiness. A happy client is our biggest treasure and at Sculpt we measure our success with their smiles.
It is this approach at Sculpt that makes us different from the rest. Our awards and recognition at various prestigious platforms is an assurance that “Team Sculpt” is taking its job seriously and giving their very best at every step. As we continue to do our best, our promise to bring to our clients the latest that is trending in the industry and beyond at affordable prices is our biggest ambition,” states the gorgeous entrepreneur, Geetaa.


• Brands Impact presented Geetaa Paul with the “Pratigya Social Impact Award” in 2019.
• Geetaa was also conferred as the “Women Entrepreneur supporting social causes”.
• Sculpt by Geetaa Paul received the “Best Slimming Clinic in Customer Satisfaction” award at The ASSOCHAM Excellence Awards 2018 in the category of Beauty, Wellness and Personal Care.
• ASSOCHAM India declared Sculpt by Geetaa Paul as the “Best Slimming Clinic in Customer Satisfaction”
at the Cosme India Awards 2017.
• Recognised as “The Most Trusted Slimming Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic in India” at the International Quality Awards 2019.
• A leading international publication called Geetaa “Indian of Global influence” and the copy of that publication was unveiled in the UK parliament on 25th June 2019 in front of diplomats, Lords, Politicians and Ambassadors.


Geetaa likes to balance her work life as she talks about her other passions. “Music touches my soul and depending on my mood, I almost enjoy all forms of music. Travelling is my greatest pleasure. It defines me. Everything beautiful makes me happy –Be it people or places. It is my desire to introduce fitness and beauty to every life I touch and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to achieving the same,” she avers.


“I love to take one day at a time…however Sculpt is my baby and I would love to see it grow and expand.
My vision is to make Beauty and Wellness available to everyone. Sculpt is presently at five locations in Bengaluru – Koramangala, Jayanagar, Sadashivnagar, BTM Layout and Indiranagar. We are soon planning to expand to other states in India and abroad with a few projects already in the pipeline,” she concludes.