Scenic Summer Stories: Anam Mirza

Travel today has become one of the choicest passions for the modern generation. Our daily lives have become so chaotic that everyone takes short breaks to keep their sanity intact.
Over the years people have spoken about how much one can learn by travelling and seeing other cultures alone, and these days parents have started to use that as an opportunity to bond with their kids and even fill their own basket of travelogues. The hectic city lives of working professionals and schedules of entire families, make the summer holidays of schools the most opportune time to spend time with one another and take that long desired holiday. Here’s a list of people who have recently come back from some fun getaways and share their experience. Here are their stories…
Text: Anahita Ahuja

Anam Mirza, Fashion Curator and Stylist

Destination: Dubai

Duration: 4 days

With: My husband, Akbar Rasheed

Purpose: We’ve had a very busy year, and barely any time off. So the plan was to go and chill – and Dubai was just that.

“We picked Dubai because it’s not that long a flight and you basically get everything. We love the city as it offers a good mix of touristy entertainment, good food and great shopping. So it’s a perfect holiday place for both of us.”

Places covered: All we did was hop around good places to eat, shop till we drop and sleep in late. Exactly how someone would want to unwind.

Highlight: It would definitely be The Dubai Mall – and not to forget, the yacht ride that we went on.

Food: Arabic food and burgers are to die for.