Say It With LISO Chocolates!

Gift your valentine with the these beautiful premium chocolate hearts from LISO!

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, love is very much in the air. Needless to say it is the season of roses and chocolates and one can never go wrong with them! And when these lip smacking chocolates come as pretty hearts with amazing flavours, rest assured that you will win your Valentine’s heart twice over! LISO Chocolatier has always raised the bar when it comes to authenticity, quality and flavours but this year you have one more reason to celebrate the season with LISO – their Valentine’s Day special gifting options!




So what’s special about these pretty hearts? They are made from couverture chocolate that has a high content of cocoa butter. Most of the chocolates we get locally are made using compound chocolate which is made with vegetable fat but real chocolate is made using cocoa butter.  LISO chocolate melts at 30 degrees and that is because of the ingredients they use without any artificial stabilisers. The brand believes that it is the right way to go as consumers are increasingly becoming health conscious. Their chocolates are delivered in ice packs and bubble packs because they want their consumer to savour the chocolates in the best condition. True to their word, these chocolates literally melt in your mouth and is pure bliss in every bite.



The hearts come in four different flavours – Blue Berry (white heart truffle) that is blissfully  blue berry puree with a smooth white chocolate  ganache in a decadent crisp white chocolate shell.

There is pure passion (Light pink heart truffle) that is a divine mix of tropical passion fruit, fragrant vanilla bean, rich fresh cream, buttery white chocolate ganache in a crisp white chocolate shell.

The Mango-luscious (Pink heart truffle) is white chocolate shell filled with wonderfully luscious Alphonso puree, fresh cream and a hint of salted butter that melts in your mouth.

Last but not the least is the Strawberry Crush (Red heart truffle) that is a silky smooth mixture of strawberry puree with a hint of balsamic vinegar and white chocolate ganache in a crackling white chocolate shell.


They are packed in attractive gradient coloured gifting boxes and come in packs of 16 pieces and 9 pieces. There is always the option of customising your order as per your requirement.

Sounds amazing? They truly are! Make your bookings of this limited edition of chocolates. Their gift boxes start from INR240 and the hampers go upto INR 7800. Call 9061203322 to place your orders now!