Saiyyan Bhaye Kotwal – Play in Hyderabad


The play has been designed for urban viewers while keeping the rural aspects intact. The play follows the format of Maharashtrian folk ‘Tamasha’.


The story is that of a king and his scheming prime minister. The play’s slapstick comedy brings out the political undercurrents of nepotism.


Artists :
Krishna Shukla, Avakash Mahanta, Monica Rajendran, Surendar Verma, Suresh Kumar, Surendar Verma, Sunjit Rao, Avakash Mahanta, Sharanjeet Kaur, Krishna Shukla, Ashish Meagh


Where: Sardar Patel Auditorium, KMIT Narayanguda, Harivihar Colony Road, Lane Beside Deepak Theater, Hyderabad


Date & Time: Sun 17 Jan, 07:00 PM