Robot Waiters in South Indian Restaurant !

The World of Food undergoes a major change from Time to Time. From cuisine to modes of cooking, everything has changed and the latest change that social media is gushing over is the introduction of ‘Robots’ as waiters. Though the trend started in Japan way back, recently a restaurant in Karnataka introduced the concept of the robot-themed restaurant.

Located in Shivamaogga’s Darshini Hotel, the restaurant has robots to greet guests, take orders and serve the food. The Chennai-based ‘Robot’ restaurant is known for introducing the trend in India. Formerly known as MOMO, the restaurant is founded by Venkatesh Rajendran and Karthik Kannan.

With the introduction of 4 robot waiters, the owners had relaunched the restaurant to attract the audience. Experts state that restaurants today offer more than just lip-smacking food, the ambiance and experience matter a lot and such trends attract customers for gaining unique experiences.