Road to Bangkok is officially open, time to explore!



Drive through most exotic and magical places, crossing multiple borders of India, Myanmar & Thailand with Adventure Overland. Road to Bangkok, 2016 has been the most talked about trip of this year.

Sanjay Mandan, the Co-Founder of Adventures overland says, “I have driven across the length and breadth of the World literally. 2013 -14 were 2 years when we decided to go on the road , experience the  reality of the world, trueness of the people and above all the majestic nature It was a unique opportunity to break down barriers, foster cultural exchange and banish stereotypes. I have always believed that travel is a better form of Education than anything you can learn from in Lifetime.”
The Epic Drive from India to Bangkok came live. All the participants poured in from different parts of India.  All from different spheres of life with one common dream of doing this Cross Border road trip which the world was talking about, but only they were plunging into.