Rinku Sobti’s latest W|F 16 collection – Essenza

Designer Rinku Sobti brings in her W|F 16 collection – “Essenza” – inspired by fruits and handlooms of Varanasi. Dauntless yet elegant, this collection is for every woman who loves to embrace their feminine side with confidence.

Rinku Sobti feels handloom is threatened by the burgeoning prominence of the power loom, as the populace gravitates towards mechanically stitched clothing. Consequently, more weavers abandon their “forlorn” art. So, to revive this traditional art, she along with the weavers of the Barjardiya cluster of Varanasi has launched the new collection “Essenza.”

Rinku Sobti chose to have the embroideries inspired by fruits on her outfits which portray a sweet essence of the craftsmanship of the weavers. Her collection has the rich colours of Varanasi along with modern designs that include chic style dresses, flowy skirts and understated jackets.