Return Items- Stay for free !

Travellers must have the guilt of just putting a few of the hotel things in our travel bag, just like that or just by ‘mistake’. It may be a bathrobe or a pair of those fluffy slippers and sometimes it’s a hair dryer or just fancy glass from the room. People just tend to slip some of these items inside their bags ‘unknowingly’.

But did one ever think that ‘stealing’ at the historic, The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, would win a 7-night stay at one of the luxurious suites? So if you ever travelers stayed here and by mistake slipped any weird items lying around the property, then they are definitely in for a treat. The  Hotel is celebrating its 125  anniversary and the entire contest is a part of the celebration. The management states that the person who returns the most stolen items will get a seven-day stay at the presidential suite absolutely free.

As of now, the hotel has received some fine plates that were missing from the dining room, old stemware and tablecloth too. Some people have also returned items such as giant brass room keys, bud vases, and faded menus. Roosevelt Hotel is a historic structure and every item returned is equally important. Built in the year 1893, the hotel has gone through a number of renovations and features around 500 rooms and suites.