Rethinking infidelity

The Mind Manifesto Society is Sly Granny’s Sunday Philosophy Club and this Sunday, they present Rethinking Infidelity hosted by Rahul Khanna. Rethinking infidelity – when a woman cheats, why do we feel it’s because she was lonely and when a man cheats, why is it that we think it’s because he was horny? And what is cheating and why is it looked down upon? What were its origins and why no matter who we are we always have at some point wanted what’s forbidden. Let’s dissect infidelity and the future of the bedroom. The Mind Manifesto Society is Sly Granny’s Sunday Philosophy Club. Its focus is contemporary, stimulating issues for urban dwellers and seekers. A modern take on the Epicurean garden, it seeks smart people, who enjoy the art of debate, introspection and a bit of good wine! If you would like to know more about what goes on here please, enroll and walk in. There is no membership fee.

Where: Sly Granny, 3rd Floor, # 618, 12th Main, Indiranagar, Bangalore.
When: Sunday, April 23, 6 pm.