RASHMI MODI – Redefined Luxury Handbags

Designer Rashmi Modi introduces her Pre Fall collection titled LOAFER in Handbags.

“I have too many bags,” said no woman ever!

If you’re all for handbags that spells romance, fun, flirt yet classy, you’ll love the pre fall loafer collection by Rashmi Modi.

Loafer (4)

Inspired by the kiltie loafers, the collection is thoughtfully designed tying flirty kiltie tassels with romantic & classic silhouettes. The range is chic and sincerely handcrafted as the brand promises.

Loafer (3)

Not to forget that’s it’s all about variety with Rashmi Modi. That’s why; undoubtedly you will find a style to fit your choice from the wide array of shapes and sizes. The loafer assortment includes; a mini bag that is perfect for both day & night, a little more spacious small shoulder bag, a everyday medium handheld satchel that can also be worn crossbody; the essential zip tote and last but not the least the new wallet style clutches.

The Loafer Mini

The difficult decision to make will be the choice of colour because all of them are alluring and seriously irresistible. Starting from the understated pastels Misty Rose and Peachpuff that carry the hint of summer just passed; next in line are the darker tones of Taupe and Merlot wine for just before the winter; and finally the year-around classics of Black, Natural, Ivory and Saddle Tan. The pricing starts at INR 4,650 for these finely handcrafted leather precious.

Loafer (1)

Since the arrival at Rashmi Modi, both innovation and timelessness are prized. Quality and craftsmanship are of prime importance.  Most importantly, it’s all made in India by celebrated Karigars from the heritage country. No reason at all for you to resist.

Loafer (2)

Go get your online atwww.rashmimodionline.com. Price range is between Rs. 4,500 for small bags to Rs.12,900 for large shoulder bags.