Rare Men & Their Rare Life: Nikhil Kamath

Meet these Bengaluru boys, each an achiever in his own field and “RARE”ING to go…


From two to 1,000 employees today, Zerodha, started by Nikhil Kamath, a successful young achiever is growing at a steady pace. He was awarded ‘21 Young Guns of 2016’ (Young leaders under 30 who are re-shaping the future) by I Brand 360 research and Rotary Club of India’s Young Achiever 2016. He likes to mentor ‘Fintech’ start-ups and has invested in start-ups – Tradelab, small case, Balance and Digio through a fund and incubator called Rainmatter. Nikhil holds various stock and commodity exchange certifications and his other interests include chess, poker, football and biking.

Wardrobe: Rare Rabbit

Weekdays are for…

We start early by 8 am go on till 10 pm Monday to Friday.

Weekends are for…

I enjoy going out, but of late I’ve cut down on my drinking. Weekends are all about catching up with friends, movies, playing football and clubbing too. I like Bang and other such open air spaces.

When was your last holiday?

My last one was to Maldives, Dubai and then New York in December 2017. I’d like to climb Mt. Everest one day.

Single or seeing someone?

Seeing someone.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for her?

I like to travel, so whenever we get time we like to travel.

Rare fashion brands that you like and a Rare possession?

I love wearing Rare Rabbit. I like wearing brands that are subtle and not in your face. I love monochrome colors. A rare watch that my girlfriend gifted me.

Rare car?

I drive an Audi, but aspirations are always there.

Rare event?

The day we started Zerodha, eight years ago.

Rare advice?

There will be hard times, but don’t give up hope.

Rare person or personality that you admire?

Gary Kasparov for his aggression in the face of defeat.