Rajasthani Food Festival @ Spices & Sauces Hyderabad



Rajasthani cuisine was influenced by both the war-like lifestyles of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredients in this arid region.
Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables has all had their effect on the cooking. It is also known for its snacks like Bikaneri Bhujia, Mirchi Bada and Pyaaj Kachori. Other famous dishes include Bajre ki roti (millet bread) and Lashun ki chutney (hot garlic paste), Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka mawa, Malpauas from pushkar and Rassgollas from Bikaner, ‘paniya’ and ‘gheriya’ from Mewar.
Where: Spices and Sauces, 218, Sona Arcade, Saint Mary`s Road, Opposite Passport Office, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Jun 3 – 12, 2016, 12:30 PM & 07:00 PM