Punctuality – A missing chord in Actor Rajasekhar!

Actor Rajasekhar is always known for his indiscipline and lack of punctuality for attending the shooting spots. There have been complaints from many filmmakers earlier about Rajasekhar’s lack of punctuality. There were many instances Rajasekhar being opted out of a couple of projects owing to this reason.

As per an update Rajasekhar has reportedly committed the same blunder that he usually does. As we know, Rajasekhar was roped in for a key role in the movie to be directed by Teja. He has reportedly been paid an advance as well. But then, Rajasekhar’s delay in attending the shooting spots irked the filmmakers and eventually, Rajasekhar was out of the project.

And now the makers are contemplating to rope in a familiar hero as a replacement for Rajasekhar. The name of the hero will be revealed on the auspicious day of Ugadi. Brahmaji and Navdeep are playing the key roles of the movie.

Rajasekhar, don’t you think it’s time you tightened your strings and learnt to vaue time! After all time saved is money saved!