Prithviraj Comes Out In Support Of His Co-Star!

Superstar Prithviraj Applauds his Co-star For her Courage & Takes A Stand!   

All of Kerala and Mollywood was in shock after the heinous crime against the young South Indian actress. The actress has taken a bold step forward by coming back to Cinema amidst all the controversy. Actor Prithviraj applauded her courage and supported his co-star by posting on FB,

“And to those voices I apologise..for at an age and time when I wasn’t wise enough..I have been part of films that celebrated misogyny..I have mouthed lines that vilified regard for your self respect and I have taken a bow to the claps that ensued. NEVER AGAIN..never again will I let disrespect for women be celebrated in my movies! Yes..I’m an actor and this is my craft! I will whole heartedly trudge the grey and black with characters that possess unhinged moral compasses…but I will never let these men be glorified or their actions justified on screen….Once again..ladies and gentlemen..stand up and applaud for her!  …Today she makes a statement..A statement of extraordinary courage!”