Presenting ‘Wayanad Wild’ – A CGH Earth Experience

 CGH Earth Ventures into Wayanad With Its New Property, Wayanad Wild!

The CGH Earth group (Clean, Green and Healthy Earth) are the pioneers in Eco Tourism in India.  At CGH Earth, nature and the environment take centre stage and they believe in living in harmony with the local community and involving them in all of their ventures. After 16 successful properties and multiple national and international awards, they have now stepped into Wayanad! “Wayanad  Wild is where you come face to face with nature. Often, literally. You might catch a Malabari Squirrel stealing acorns, or butterflies taking a pit stop on your shoulder. Because when you are here, we make sure you’re always in good company,” says the CGH Earth team. Call 0484 3011711 or email us at to book your Wayanad Wild holiday.