Pouring Poro’s at the Big Bawa Breakfast

SodaBottleOpenerWala the quintessential Bombay Irani Café and bar with all its idiosyncrasies in place has added a new meal period to its offering in Bengaluru – Breakfast. SodaBottleOpenerWala is a tribute to the dying legacy of a Bombay Irani cafe bringing with it typical Parsi cuisine, some Irani specialties, Bombay street food and a well-stocked bar – in a fun, quirky and contemporary avatar.
Breakfast has been synonymous with the Bombay Irani Cafés throughout their lifespan. Through the new breakfast offering, SodaBottleOpenerWala intends to bring alive sumptuous morning delicacies, which served as the core of the Bombay Irani Café culture for decades. The all-week breakfast menu has all the Bombay Irani favourites required for a hearty morning spread. Start with Bun Maska or Bun Jam for your carb fix. Try Ragi flour and Oats pancakes in toppings like Mixed Berries, Yoghurt, Cream and Mint; Caramelised Banana & Butterscotch or a very tempting Espresso & Whiskey Cream. Breakfast is almost incomplete without eggs, so there’s an envious line-up – Navsari style French Toast and Poro (Parsi Flat Omelets) selection in flavours like Angry, Herby, Smoky, Meaty and even a Vegetarian Poro inspired by Tomato Omelet from Bombay. When Dikras and Dikris have their breakfast, the Classic Akuri is a must and is served with Maska Pav. They also have the Irani Wrestler’s Omelet made using four eggs and served in two varieties – Kheema & Mushroom or Mixed Veggies and Mushroom along with a selection of sandwiches – Rasta Sandwich, Boiled Egg Sandwich and Chicken Bhuna Sandwich and specials like Kheema Pav, & Ghotala Pav. The menu also offers 4 varieties of breakfast trays for a wholesome meal – The Continental Breakfast Tray, The All-Veg Breakfast Tray, The Eduwala Breakfast Tray and The All-Meat Breakfast Tray.
Wash it all down with our signature Cold Brew or have it flavoured with Star Anise & Mandarin, Lime & Cinnamon or Hazelnut. Hot Coffees include the all-time SBOW favourite Pheteli Coffee to comforting Cappuccino and Espresso. Tea lovers can opt for Irani Chai, Parsi Choy, Early Grey, Darjeeling and even Masala Chai. Also try some fresh juices and cocktails- Bawi’s Detox (Raspberry, Orange juice & Parsley), Summer Masala Lemonade, Five Berry Sober Sangria, Peach Soda and more! End your breakfast on a sweet note with the popular Mawa Cake (Regular/Multigrain), flavourful Apple and Pear Crumble with Custard, sumptuous Lagan nu Custard or get your caffeine high with the Matunga Coffee Cake. Poro Khaavanu, Cold Brew Peevanu – Majja Ni Life!
Where: 25/4, Opposite Harley Davidson Showroom, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru.
When: Every Sunday from 8.30 am – 12 noon