Pop-up by The Fashion Barn

The Pre-Christmas Pop-Up by The Fashion is a celebration, for all things beautiful. The show is looping in handpicked products from over 30 unconventional brands like The Monk Story, K. Kristina, Kopai Paar, The Scarf Story, The Echo Store, Shikha Malik and many others and bringing them all under one roof, to ensure that Christmas shopping is a fun affair!


The Fashion BARN is a carefully curated e-shopping experience of contemporary western silhouette apparel, accessories and home decor for fashion forward shoppers. Their website is a destination for fresh and minimal handpicked products from vetted, unconventional brands across the country. Curated finds from brands like The Neon Store, Mayank Modi, Jayati Goenka, Questa, House of Loom, The Bleu Label, Tisse and Vaph are common!

TFB filters products and helps one find what they love, while making the connect to young and individualistic boutique brands seem like a breeze. The soul of their curation lies in identifying contemporary brands that are global in style, and have a unique, minimal design aesthetic. These may be fresh or seasoned brands from across India whose work is a celebration of their passion and love, and they do not follow the path of large-scale mass production.

Their pop-up event will see folks from across the city, fashion stylists and bloggers join their celebration in making spirits bright! Their advice for us this year? Let’s not count on Santa this once, allow The Fashion BARN to plan the gifts under that Christmas Tree instead!

Know more – www.barn.fashion