Phoenix Marketcity the premium destination in Chennai for shopping, dining and live entertainment hosted the second edition of Jazz Music Festival. With a lineup of artists hailing from different cities, the two day long festival was conceptualized to offer Jazz aficionados a one of a kind experience.

The first day of the Jazz music festival witnessed a melodious evening with the troupe Refuge. The artists lined up from the band Refuge were Aman Mahajan, Matt Littlewood and Jeoraj George. The troupe played everything from Classical music to Folk tradition from all over the world. The music was in equal parts structured and improvised, albeit all the tracks were delivered with seamless unity.

The extraordinary talent of the artists boosted the energy of the audience as they relaxed to the soothing tunes. With remarkable delivery of songs coupled with accurate instruments, the music lovers were truly mesmerized.

Mr. Noel Vessaoker, Center Director, Phoenix Marketcity Chennai said “We at Phoenix Marketcity have strived to give our shoppers an experience that they would never forget. The first Jazz Music Festival held last year, received tremendous appreciation hence we decided to make the festival our annual event. Our endeavour is for Phoenix Marketcity to be a pinnacle for performing arts in the city and offer a superlative experience to all.”