Perfect choice for the health conscious tea drinker

As one earth we are moving towards a lifestyle that is more considerate, more inclusive and kinder to oneself and to the planet we live on. Over the years, Typhoo Tea has been synonymous with innovations in products, convenience of consumption and a drive to stay relevant to new generation consumers; a tea brand that holds nutrition and wellness at the core of its offering. Taking that commitment a step further they have recently introduced a new Premium Range of Organic Herbal Caffeine-Free products – a wellness range sourced from the finest farms and estates, crafted by renowned herb and fruit master blenders from the purest natural ingredients. Comprising of three variants: Night time, Root remedy and Slim tea. The convenient dip-bag format, factors in today’s lifestyle and makes the consumption of this herbal range quite a breeze and a natural fit in our urban lifestyle, however rushed it might be.
Night time – A relaxing and restorative caffeine free herbal infusion that balances the delicious floral taste of camomile and rose with the refreshing character of spearmint and lemongrass. Mellow and smooth, these herbs are known to have digestive properties and promote restful sleep.
Root remedy – A caffeine free turmeric infused blend with natural detoxifiers and immunity boosters. The aromatic and earthy notes of Indian ginseng root combined with flavourful cinnamon and ginger, naturally support your wellbeing.
Slim tea – A metabolism boosting caffeine free herbal blend of fennel, liquorice, lemongrass, senna and psyllium husk. These herbs are known to assist natural weight loss and digestion.