Packing a power punch: Rishaad Vazirally

True dedication and passion for their work is what mattered most to these enterprising youngsters who have taken an entrepreneurial plunge after successful corporate stints to give back to society. They provide tailored health strategies for physical and mental well being for weight management and are helping millions of Indians achieve peak wellness. These nutripreneurs are doing their bit to shun away the belief that being healthy isn’t easy and reiterating the fact that health food can be tasty too. We speak to entrepreneurs in the health food and preventive healthcare space who emerged stronger from their own falling and are now urging others to not just eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle and achieve holistic wellness apart from looking and feeling fabulous.

Text: Namita Gupta

Rishaad Vazirally

Rishaad Vazirally started Fresh Pressery as he wanted to spread the knowledge of drinking healthy juices. His cleansing concoctions are getting to be a rage. Rishaad who is the CEO and Founder, aims to make his brand the fastest growing cold-pressed beverage company in South India. He is working towards helping people transform their lives through conscious nutrition. The young entreprenur is using his background in the pharma retail sector to put the various systems in place and ensure the company moves to the next level with his line of Fresh Pressery juices made from the finest rawfood ingredients and dedicated to the pioneering concept that the benefits of cleansing should be made available to everyone. Rishaad whose constant quest for losing weight led him to try out juicing, was sold on the idea, when he felt completely transformed after a week-long cleanse, states, “The health food industry in India is still at a very nascent stage but growing at a fast pace as lifestyle diseases, such as obesity, cancer, thyroidism, auto-immune diseases, stress, etc are on the rise and the fitness culture has taken off in India. I got into juicing as a friend of mine told me that I could solve my alopecia (autoimmune disease) if I started juicing certain combinations of vegetables and fruits. I invested in a cold pressed machine and the results were fantastic. Fresh Pressery started off being a cold pressed juice company but now I’m making innovations in the health food space with five cafes in Bengaluru and five more coming up. We are also launching a ketogenic menu in all our cafes. We are opening Fresh Pressery in Chennai in August this year. We will be getting into the packaged food space, such as organic millets, quinoa and various flours soon.”


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