Packing a power punch: Namu Kini and Misha Gill

True dedication and passion for their work is what mattered most to these enterprising youngsters who have taken an entrepreneurial plunge after successful corporate stints to give back to society. They provide tailored health strategies for physical and mental well being for weight management and are helping millions of Indians achieve peak wellness. These nutripreneurs are doing their bit to shun away the belief that being healthy isn’t easy and reiterating the fact that health food can be tasty too. We speak to entrepreneurs in the health food and preventive healthcare space who emerged stronger from their own falling and are now urging others to not just eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle and achieve holistic wellness apart from looking and feeling fabulous.

Text: Namita Gupta

Namu Kini and Misha Gill

Namu Kini and Misha Gill, HappyHealthyMe: Namu is a mom of two, a nutrition enthusiast and triathlete. She is a wellness influencer and believes that healthy food can also be delicious. Misha is also a mom of two and is passionate about all things health and food related. She practises mindful eating and is especially conscious about the relationship between the mind, body and soul. Their venture HappyHealthyMe has been certified as a 100% organic food brand and grocery startup that stocks locally-sourced products that have been carefully selected to promote health for the mind, body and soul. Namu shares, “One has to make sure that the food is organic to get all the necessary nutrients. We did extensive research with our own formulations and all the products are certified by the USDA and the NPOP.  Our range is earth-friendly and goes through a taste test also. We don’t import any health food, but make them all in India. We personally saw the changes in our own health as we switched to organic produce. We also hold cooking and nutrition workshops and address health concerns on how one can address ailments through mindful eating. We promote real food with organic staples, signature blends of beans and lentils, black and brown rice, millets, ragi, that can be made with regular recipes, healthy sweeteners like liquid jaggery, organic spices, nut butters, organic breads and more.” Misha adds, “We’re school friends and would meet on weekends and have done many cycle tours together. Our common ideal is to promote sustainable living. To this end, apart from dietary choices, one needs to make some lifestyle changes as well, with natural detergents with zero chemicals, copper ware, organic lip balms, bamboo toothbrushes and body scrubs. Through my triathlons I have been taking real food supplements and avoided artificial supplements. We have super green powders that alkalises you. Refined oils are bad, we suggest using cold pressed virgin coconut oil for cooking and organic ghee. We are all for mindful living.”


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