Packing a power punch: Krishna Ulagaratchagan and Rekuram Varadharaj

True dedication and passion for their work is what mattered most to these enterprising youngsters who have taken an entrepreneurial plunge after successful corporate stints to give back to society. They provide tailored health strategies for physical and mental well being for weight management and are helping millions of Indians achieve peak wellness. These nutripreneurs are doing their bit to shun away the belief that being healthy isn’t easy and reiterating the fact that health food can be tasty too. We speak to entrepreneurs in the health food and preventive healthcare space who emerged stronger from their own falling and are now urging others to not just eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle and achieve holistic wellness apart from looking and feeling fabulous.

Text: Namita Gupta

Krishna Ulagaratchagan and Rekuram Varadharaj

A health tech start-up, healthi is the brainchild of Krishna Ulagaratchagan and Rekuram Varadharaj (RV), who  are  alumni  of global  MBA programs  at  Stanford  (US)  and  INSEAD  (France  and  Singapore) respectively. Healthi aims to empower its users to make smart choices about their health so that they can avoid chronic illnesses. Combining scientifically validated predictive analytics, machine learning technology, contemporary design, strong partnerships with healthcare majors and cutting-edge research, they are revolutionising the preventive healthcare market. Krishna Ulagaratchagan, co-founder and CEO shares, “As with most innovations, Healthi was born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo. My family has a history of heart disease and high blood pressure. Anxious about whether I would suffer the same fate, I diligently invested in a health check-up every year. I was increasingly frustrated that the outcome of my health tests was a report that was unintelligible to people like me. In conversations with my friend (and later, co-founder) Rekuram Varadharaj, I found that this dilemma was not an exception. Rekuram too had gone through his share of routine annual health check-ups. Since he had always considered himself to be reasonably fit, leading a healthy lifestyle (vegetarian, non-smoker, etc.), he was taken aback when some of his results were not as rosy as he had assumed. Healthi is a digital preventive health startup working towards empowering its users to make smart choices and avoid chronic illnesses. You can count on us for a personalised and comprehensive preventive health journey, which begins with a health check-up. We aim to be the go-to smart personalised preventive health service for the digital Indian.”