Packing a power punch: Jyotsna Pattabiraman

True dedication and passion for their work is what mattered most to these enterprising youngsters who have taken an entrepreneurial plunge after successful corporate stints to give back to society. They provide tailored health strategies for physical and mental well being for weight management and are helping millions of Indians achieve peak wellness. These nutripreneurs are doing their bit to shun away the belief that being healthy isn’t easy and reiterating the fact that health food can be tasty too. We speak to entrepreneurs in the health food and preventive healthcare space who emerged stronger from their own falling and are now urging others to not just eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle and achieve holistic wellness apart from looking and feeling fabulous.

Text: Namita Gupta

Jyotsna Pattabiraman

True dedication and passion for your work is what mattered most for Jyotsna Pattabiraman, when she plunged into entrepreneurship after a successful corporate stint to give tailored health strategies for physical and mental health through the Grow Fit app for weight management and Grow Self for mental health. Using artificial intelligence to help millions of Indians achieve peak wellness, Jyotsna Pattabiraman, founder and CEO, Grow Fit says, “The seed for founding Grow Fit was sown a couple of years ago when it seemed that almost everyone I knew, including myself, had been diagnosed with something frightening: cancer, heart disease, or diabetes at a relatively young age. These were friends and relatives who I knew were eating carefully and getting exercise. I myself was turning in blood work that was worryingly high on the CA125 (the cancer test). I’ve been working with Internet and mobile companies both in the US and India and knew about the power of data for understanding what’s right for you. I believed that we could use the power of technology to understand the problem better and to drive meaningful interventions. We address prevention of lifestyle disease through a combination of data science, medical science, and behavioral insights. It is a comprehensive health companion that offers expert advice (via a mobile app) as well as therapeutic and functional foods. Through the mobile app, users can connect with trained therapists, clinical nutritionists and experienced cosmetologists to discover personalised solutions. They can act on those solutions by themselves or by leveraging our food products, which include fresh foods (ready-to-eat) as well as staples (packaged foods). Grow Fit is unique as we focus on nutrition as our core platform. Nutrition has the biggest potential to prevent lifestyle disease. A user can get a diet chart within minutes that they can use to correct their nutrition intake. It is a lot simpler than tracking your calories for weeks. We are the only mobile fitness company combining multiple domains (skin, sleep, nutrition, activity, mental wellness). We intend to become everyone’s comprehensive daily health companion with nutrition counseling, fresh and packaged foods and mental wellness counseling and skin and hair health services.”

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