‘Paauskhuna’ (the Rain in its varied forms),Hyderabad



People chance upon the rain in its varied forms and it leaves its impressions on their minds when it meets them so. ‘Paauskhana’ is a kaleidoscope of some of such impressions. The rain meets one at all the stages of one’s life in forms suitable to each such stage. The Innocent rain of childhood, the romantic showers enchanting the youth, the Bachelor rain at the hang outs, the nostalgic rains lingering in the minds of the married souls,and the lonely rains keeping company during the dusk of life. One keeps experiencing all these moods of the rain as and when one comes across them. Just as one enjoys the rain’s pleasant moods through these compositions, one also experiences the fury of rains such as floods, disasters due to heavy rains, etc.
Besides recitation of some modulated works, the program also features different styles such as children’s songs, laavanis, powadaas, kawwalis, gondhal, etc. describing rains in their respective styles. ‘Paauskhuna’ will drench one and all in the amalgamation of all these moods.

Artists: Bhushan Karandikar, Shamika Bhide, Amruta Thakur Desai, Apurva Dravid, Abhay Ingle, Kunal Koregaonkar, Avadhoot Gandhi

Where: Sardar Patel Auditorium, KMIT Narayanguda, Harivihar Colony Road, Lane Beside Deepak Theater, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sun 19 Jun, 06:00 PM