Orisai – A concert by Sri T M Krishna

Since the 14th century, Karnatic music has brought a certain flavour into the lives of the people of South India. The advent of technology, while it brought in a lot of positives, has also altered the sound of this music. It has changed the way artistes communicate their art, consequently changing the way audiences perceive the music.

TM krishna
No’mad project believes that music is not just something you hear. It is something you see, feel and sometimes even touch. Orisai attempts to bring you an immersive concert experience that hasn’t been seen in recent times. Presenting you one of India’s richest art forms presented in its rawest, most organic expression. Ambient amplification that will recreate the feel of a mic-less concert and visual design that will elegantly highlight the performance, facilitating seamless musical dialogue. This will be a minimalist concert design to present Karnatic music in all its natural radiance.

Watch Sri T M Krishna, Sri L Ramakrishnan (violin), Sri J Vaidyanathan (Mridangam), Sri B S Purushotham (Kanjira) live in concert.

Venue : Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai

Date & time : March 13, 10 am