Organic brand starts a new initiative

Clean Beauty’ has been a buzzword in the cosmetics industry for some time, and now Whole Foods is trying to spread the word to the masses. The organic grocer is launching a new initiative this week, dubbed the ‘Whole Foods Market Better Beauty Swap.’ The concept aims to raise awareness of the importance of checking out the ingredient labels on everyday beauty products and to encourage consumers to do their research on commonly-found ingredients. The Swap will take place in the US across in 5 locations on March 30 namely in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The first 200 shoppers at each event will receive a free, limited-edition Whole Foods Market Beauty Bag, in return for one empty beauty or body care product, which will then be recycled in partnership with the waste management company Terra Cycle.

Each of the items in the Beauty Bag adheres to Whole Foods Market’s standards. The bags will also go on sale nationwide from March 29, retailing at $20 each while supplies last. The move comes on the back of research conducted by Whole Foods Market that found that 33% of consumers do not properly understand ingredients commonly found in conventional beauty and body care products, while 59% do not regularly read the labels before heading to the check-out. The initiative is the latest clean beauty-focused concept to hit the beauty industry. Last month, Garnier unveiled a new organic skincare range, ‘Garnier Bio’,  as part of its efforts to focus on the environment, while December saw Herbal Essences launch two new sulfate-free botanical shampoos.