‘Open Origins Open Ends’ A Photomuse Initiative

Photographers from Across the World Bring you a Truly Unique Photography Exhibition

PhotoMuse is India’s first museum dedicated to the art, history and science of Photography. The international exhibition, organised by Photomuse,  ‘Open Origins – Opens Ends’, will be held at the Durbar Hall Art Center, Kochi from July 31st  – Aug 4th, 2016. This annual edition features works by hundred Kerala-born photographers and a special ‘Invited’ section that showcases works by twenty international photographers from United States of America and Europe in addition to some of the most prominent Indian master photographers.

photo muse

The curator of this museum, Dr. Unni Pulikkal S,  explains, “The idea of ‘Open Origins – Open Ends’ began as a quarterly show of photography in 2015. The first show in April 2015 was a body of photographs compiled from the open forum, Better Art Foundation (BAF)-PhotoMuse Club. I was baffled at the diversity of themes, but, to my amazement, there was a distinctive character to most of the significant images – the very eclecticism and disparateness that build a unique connection among them. It struck me that every image captured by these photographers seem to enjoy the freedom of being noncommittal to an imposed theme, all the while being bonded together by a mission to interpret different human conditions and experiences in their own way. All had open origins. All have open ends.”