‘On The Pot’ Tour Will Arrive In Kochi Soon !

Catch Vir Das and his team at the JTPAC, Kochi On January 22nd, 2017! 

Catch Vir Das as he boldly goes where no comedian goes before. Politics, religion, leaders, news and more, all in India’s Shittiest Comedy Show. No topic is off limits, nothing and no one will be spared.

If you like Vir Das’ Potcast Imagine a live version on steroids. Joined by Ashwin Mushran and Amogh Ranadive, watch them On The Pot at JTPAC, on 22nd January, 2017 at 7pm. New to the #potcast and don’t know what it’s about? Watch it at:¬†https://goo.gl/zm6Gpc¬†Tickets available at bookmyshow.com!