Old is the new gold

La Casa Brewery + Kitchen launched its revamped avatar after serving Bangaloreans for over three decades with a brand new microbrewery in the peaceful, yet bustling location of Kasavanahalli in Sarjapur, Bengaluru. Guests sipped on the new brews and cocktails and tucked in some hors d’oeuvres. Everyone loved the live music renditions by Precious and Joe. The 16,000 sq feet area has been maximised with the interplay of natural building materials that amalgams natural light and cool air in a fluid and comforting backdrop. The evening sky brings with it, the mellow yet pleasing artificial light highlighting a central glass structure that houses the shiny metal brewery vaults. La Casa translates to “home” in both Spanish and Italian. This Casa has been modelled around the existing legacy of an old bungalow, which now carries the “new nostalgia” of La Casa edition 2017. Envisioned by Sujay MS, Managing Director, La Casa Brewery + Kitchen, he is an engineer by education who built his early career in the automotive industry, which gave him opportunities to travel across countries like Japan, China, Germany, Italy and the US. All of his world travel got him back to India, to start his dream project in La Casa. His idea was to bring world cuisine with a great sense of hospitality to namma ooru and his vision has definitely seen success with patrons coming back for more.