Of Fusion and Grandeur: Koyal Chandak

No matter what the occasion is, no look is complete without a dash of jewellery – team it with your Indian or western wear, and be sure that you’re ready to turn heads. Keeping that in mind, we went into the homes of some well-known ladies, to check on how they would carry their stunning pieces off. Here is what they tastefully put together…

Text by Anahita Ahuja

Name: Koyal Chandak

Occupation: Socialite

How would you define your sense of style?
Sophisticated, bohemian, glamorous with a dash of funky which is easy to mix.

How much do you enjoy wearing jewellery?
I quite enjoy wearing it. I wear a lot of neckpieces, though I am fond of earrings and rings too.

What is your favourite piece?
Finger rings, for sure!

What is your take on the fashion sense in Hyderabad?
The fashion sense in Hyderabad is extending upwards to a great level – even though in my opinion, there is a lot of scope for improvement.
Personally I happen to be a huge fan of fashion, but to me clothing is a form of art. Art is a way of someone expressing a part of themselves – hence everyone has a different way of portraying it and a different opinion on what works and what does not.

Which celebrity’s style do you try and emulate?
The one and only renowned for her fashion styling – she sets style statements in Bollywood – Sonam Kapoor.

Would you rather be under-dressed or over-dressed at an occasion?
Proper attire says a lot about a person. One wants to be noticed for the effort put into an outfit, so I would rather be over dressed than under.