Of Fun and Fitness: F45

For all those who have always marvelled at Ranveer Singh’s washboard abs or Deepika Padukone’s flat tummy and wondered, ‘what would it take for me to get that celebrity-level body?’ Hard work, of course. But that is not nearly enough. Behind those sculpted bodies are trained people who make sure they sweat it out, keep a vigilant eye on their plates and glasses, and motivate them to stay focused. A whole lot of dedication is the key secret to a chiselled body, and of course someone to train you to attain it.
With our day-to-day work life adding enough monotony to our routines, it is only fair to have a form of workout that refreshes you while making you sweat. Dumbbells and machines are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially not after sitting on a desk the whole day.

For all those, who want to get down to becoming fitter but without going to a gym, finally have ample options to choose from – you can now dance away, jump and hop, or just kick your way through.  The city is now home to a lot of off-beat fitness places that break the boring workout myth are slowly and steadily gaining a lot of popularity. In order to make life a lot simpler, we have put together some of them, whose final goal is fitness but in the most fun way possible. Read ahead carefully before you make your pick…

Text: Anahita Ahuja


Story so far: F-45 stands for Functional-45, a group training facility that can accommodate 27-38 people in one class to work out together. The concept had been accepted worldwide and hence they decided to bring it to Hyderabad and other Indian cities too. Their motto is “Team Training, life changing”.

City’s acceptance: In a little over two and half years the brand has grown and spread across different parts of the country. The Jubilee Hills branch is the flagship studio in Hyderabad with close to 300 members that have had their entire take of fitness changed forever. F-45 is not a fitness module it’s a lifestyle.  

Personal attention: There are a minimum of four certified trainers on the floor at any given moment to make sure that every client new and old is given constant attention through each moment of the session.

Its uniqueness: It is unique because unlike regular gym, they believe in functional movement patterns that mimic everyday movements. They don’t stand for isolation of muscles with machines instead we believe in targeting multiple muscles groups at once that not just make you stronger, fitter and faster but also demands the body to burn a lot more fuel reserves in order to perform them.

3 advantages: Weight loss and muscle gain, Experiencing the energy and atmosphere and Being a part of a community of F-45 members.


Address: F45, Road no 92, Jubilee Hills,
Ph: 8008243939

F 45, Indiranagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Whitefield Bengaluru

91 7338634545