Of Fun and Fitness: DanceJockey

For all those who have always marvelled at Ranveer Singh’s washboard abs or Deepika Padukone’s flat tummy and wondered, ‘what would it take for me to get that celebrity-level body?’ Hard work, of course. But that is not nearly enough. Behind those sculpted bodies are trained people who make sure they sweat it out, keep a vigilant eye on their plates and glasses, and motivate them to stay focused. A whole lot of dedication is the key secret to a chiselled body, and of course someone to train you to attain it.
With our day-to-day work life adding enough monotony to our routines, it is only fair to have a form of workout that refreshes you while making you sweat. Dumbbells and machines are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially not after sitting on a desk the whole day.

For all those, who want to get down to becoming fitter but without going to a gym, finally have ample options to choose from – you can now dance away, jump and hop, or just kick your way through.  The city is now home to a lot of off-beat fitness places that break the boring workout myth are slowly and steadily gaining a lot of popularity. In order to make life a lot simpler, we have put together some of them, whose final goal is fitness but in the most fun way possible. Read ahead carefully before you make your pick…

Text: Anahita Ahuja


Story so far: DanceJockey is run by my husband Karthikeyan and me Jegatha Muralidharan (Jags). We are a team of Fitness and Dance Professionals excelled in the field of Zumba® , BollyBeats, Yoge, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Wedding Choreography etc. The journey began in 2011, when I moved here and started Zumba® Fitness in the city. With the demand increasing, I wasn’t able to handle too many classes, so with more Zumba® instructors, we came together.

Future plans: To make this the go-to destination for professional dance and group fitness classes.

Its viability: Dance and fitness together is the fastest growing craze among all age groups now.

3 advantages: It is fun. It is fitness. It is dance

Contact: Zumba®/Bolly Beats/Yoga:

Address: 360 Degree Fitness, Kondapur


Address: 100 ft. studio – Madhapur